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Small Town Teams, Big League Dreams

Small Town Teams, Big League Dreams

TLL Division Rules

In an effort to remain consistent throughout the course of the entire season, the board of directors has established a set of local “League Rules.” The approved rules will clearly define the expectations of play at each level. In addition, the guidelines establish the structure that will keep all coaches, players, parents, and umpires on the same page.

Tee Ball

• Coach Pitch Expectations:
• Games 1-2, teams may use the tee for all 3 innings
• Games 3-4, pitching is required a minimum of 1 inning
• Games 5-6, pitching is required a minimum of 2 innings
• Games 7-8, pitching is required a minimum of 3 innings

• The coach will give each batter 3 pitches (pitches, not strikes). If the pitch is clearly unhittable the coach is allowed to give the batter an additional pitch
• If the ball is not put in play by the 3rd pitch, the batter will then hit off a tee
• In the event the 3rd pitch is fouled off, the at-bat will continue with coach pitch until the batter puts the ball in play or swings and misses

• Runners will advance one base at a time
• The last batter in each inning will make a complete trip around the bases and the team in the field should remain in their positions until the last batter has crossed home plate

• The entire roster will hit each inning
• No outs will be recorded
• We do not keep score at the tee-ball level
• Players should be rotated to different positions every inning
• The batting order should be rotated every inning
• The catcher MUST wear a catchers helmet with mask at all times
• Players must line-up to shake hands at the completion of every game

• No games will end after a half inning, as both teams should get equal opportunities to hit

• All games will have a 1 hour time limit

Instructional Division

• 5-Run maximum per inning
• The inning is ended when 3 outs are recorded or 5 runs are scored, whichever occurs first
• Strikeouts are recorded as an out

• Runners may not advance on any overthrow
• Runners may advance a maximum of two bases on an extra base hit

• Coach pitch and Machine pitch are both acceptable at the instructional level
• Regardless of the method selected, each coach and/or machine must pitch from the same distance

• Each batter will receive 5 pitches to put the ball in play
• If the batter swings and misses at the 5th pitch, a strikeout is recorded
• If the batter fouls off the 5th pitch, the at-bat will continue until the ball is put in play or a strikeout occurs
• If a batter happens to throw the bat, he/she will get 2 warnings. Any bat thrown thereafter will be considered an automatic out

• Kid pitch will not be permitted, however, it is strongly encouraged that coaches introduce the basic fundamentals of pitching during practice sessions

• All games have a 1 hour and 30 minute time limit

Minor Division

• 5-Run maximum per inning

• Runners may not steal bases (Straight or Delayed)

• Runners are allowed to advance on a passed ball and/or wild pitch. However, the ball must get away from the catcher to the point he/she must physically get up to retrieve the ball

• 1-Runner per inning may advance home on a passed ball

• In the event a pitcher walks 5 batters in an inning, the coach of the team at-bat will enter to pitch the remainder of the inning
• The coach is required to pitch at a velocity that puts the ball on a flat or downward plane (No Arc)
• The coach will give each batter 5 pitches
• If a batter strikes out at any point prior to the 5th pitch he/she is out. (For example, if the batter strikes out on the third pitch, he/she will not get the 4th or 5th pitch)
• If the 5th pitch results in a foul ball the at-bat shall continue until the ball is put in play or a strike out occurs
• There are no walks recorded during coach pitch
• Runners may not advance on a passed ball/wild pitch during coach pitch

• A pitcher that walks 5 batters in an inning is not allowed to re-enter the game as a pitcher

• In the event a pitcher hits 3 batters in an inning, he/she will be removed from the position
• Hit Batters will also be factored into the 5 walk maximum (For example, if a pitcher walks 3 batters and hits 2, he/she will be removed from that position and unable to re-enter the game as a pitcher)

• The coach pitch option is only permitted for the first 4 games of the season. The remaining games will be “kid pitch” only

• All games have a 2 hour time limit
• No new inning shall start after 1 hour and 45 minutes of play
• The home team is responsible for announcing and recording the “start time”
• In the event the game is not complete within the 2 hour time limit, the score will revert to the last completed inning

Major Division

• Follow the current Little League rule book

• 15-Run rule after the completion of 3 innings


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